Cutting oils of Kläntenn® family are clear fluids with different additive configuration, depending on the required use.

In general, they have a set of extreme pressure additives, also a wide range of chlorine-free or super additive products for extremely demanding operations, such as the vertical broaching or the formation of threads or gear.

All products have anti-fogging additives; therefore, they are not so harmful to the environment.

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“Premium” quality oil for guides in machine tools; very high resistance to oxidation and ageing; reduces losses and leakage through retainers due to its adhesiveness and avoids stick slip.

TARMELA 9300-46

Grease of advanced technology with cutting edge 100% synthetic lubricant base; outstanding in the lubrication of bearings and mechanisms subject to high strain, high RPM, pollutants and wide range of temperatures.


Complex grease of over-based calcium sulfonate, developed for very high performance in bearings with medium / low speed under severe strain conditions and temperatures. Recommended for heavy-duty conditions in the most varied industries. Great repellence to water, acids and alkalis.